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Wondershare MobileGo

Wondershare MobileGo for Windows & Mac is a program that allows you to make the management of your phone with Android system and iOS directly on your computer screen.

Often, manage applications, photos and posts only the gadget interface is a bit cumbersome, or the fact of having a smaller display, a touch that is not the best or any other reason.

It is for these cases that MobileGo arises as an option. The software also allows easy navigation through all the information on your device, it also brings a lot of tools, including with utilities to perform backups of all data on your smartphone.

Key Features of The Wondershare MobileGo

Wondershare MobileGo Review

Wondershare MobileGo managed to impress during our tests, both for its compatibility - which did not show any problems with the equipment used - but also by the amount of very useful tools.

Although synchronization program with the smartphone be a little time consuming (especially if the drivers installation is required cell), this is offset by perfect operation after the connection between the computer and the device.

The interface wondershare mobilego is very well organized, bringing everything into separate tabs very clear and simple to understand. To navigate the program, you can find each tool in place, which helps in time to perform the desired task.

The backup software the main option for many people, it works perfectly, even if it occurs in a somewhat time consuming. This, however, also depends on the amount of files being backed up or restored back to the smartphone.

The option for you to edit the list of contacts is also very complete and lets you customize virtually all information relating to each person. However, useful tools, such as importing lists from Outlook, for example, are exclusive to the paid version MobileGo.

Copy videos to the device is also easy to be performed with the software since they just drag the file into your window task. Additionally, you can determine the quality of the film to be converted to cell, fundamental alternative for those who do not want only occupy much of a video from the device memory.

The image management is done in a very friendly manner and is easy to make copies between computer and phone. Another function that works very well within MobileGo is the opportunity to take screenshots of your smartphone screen, something very useful for people who want or need to save images of the device interface.

As a first negative point of the program, include only the lack of a file manager for you to freely explore the memory of your phone. This, however, does not compromise the quality of MobileGo, an excellent alternative for those who want to control your phone directly from your computer.

In addition, the software failed in several attempts when connecting the device to the computer. Because of this, it's likely that you get frustrated when you start using the application, a fact that is quite annoying.

Pros: 1. Interface well organized and very friendly; 2. Several useful tools; 3.Backup function works perfectly.

Cons: 1. None.

How it works - [Official Video]

Wondershare MobileGo Registration Code

How do I complete activation or registration?

After launching the software, you'll be asked to register the software. If you have purchased the license, then you can get the registered license and email address in your email.

If you haven't paid for the software yet, please click the "Buy now" button on the program to pay for it. After then, type in the licensed email and registration code, click "Activate" to unlock the full version.

What to do if the registration code is invalid?

If you haven't received the registration code after you place the order, please firstly check whether the payment goes through. Normally after the order is successfully, the payment platform will send the order confirmation e-mail within a few minutes. If the order is successful, please wait a few minutes for the system generating and activating the registration code, and then try again.

You can contact us and supply us with the following information in case the above doesn't help you:
- order ID
- full name, email address on the order
- date and amount of the charge
- name of the site the purchase was made on
- name of the product(s) purchased
- transaction ID of Paypal or credit card

How do I get a new registration code with my free upgrade?

For the Windows versions, you can click on Menu in the upper-right corner of the software to choose Check for updates, and the software will look for an update and then suggest that you do the upgrade automatically.

For Mac software, you would need to launch the program, and then click on Preference from the upper left corner of your Mac window, and select Check for updates from the drop down list.